Our use cases.


Crossing railway

To avoid accidents with a solution for crossing railways detection.

More than 5,000 deaths in the world each year are caused by accidents of falling onto the railway.

After several minutes, the operators might detect incidents while automatic detection solutions can be much more effective.

This product allows instantaneous information for immediate support.

Setting in situation

In this example of implementation, we defined a zone which provokes an alert. Like a crossing of a railway, detection is instantaneous.

Response to exponentiel informations volume

The number of people reliant on the Transport sector is currently increasing.

Your safety team no longer has the time nor tools to handle sufch levels of alert.

No matter how many cameras you may have, our solution will always allow you to receive an alert.

Limited consequences

Accidents involving people cause delay for other transport users.

Our computer vision algorithms can send an alert in real time for a fast intervention in order to minimise costs.

A real time feedback to help you choose an optimal decision

Integrated in your system of video protection management, the detection of railway crossings is a solution which allows operators to be alerted in real time for individual intrusion in a restricted area.

This solution is composed of two parts:

  • Zoning: create on your VMS areas in railways and on platforms.
  • Filters : set up people detection and recognition in predefined areas with PPE detection to ban false alerts such as a technician at work being flagged up on the railway.

All these algorithms guarantee you optimal security in a controlled environment. Alert in real time is sent to the safety team in the control center on the VMS.

Therefore, your team is able to decide whether or not to respond.

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