Our use cases.


Defaults detection

A default detection solution for high quality products

Industry 4.0 accelerates and improves quality control and conformity of products with computer vision.

It reduces cost production by identifying in real time every default on pieces and products.

Precision of analysis is based on computer vision and can respond to this problem.

Application in many sectors

Whether it concerns the control of industrial, mechanical parts or jewellery pieces, our algorithms can realise analysis on a dataset constituted before or via analysis by comparison, with a reference point.

Human eye alternative

It is difficult to automate manual inspection in high-end industries.

Conformity appreciation is done thanks to the human eye, but now we are able do this with computer vision.

Vision algorithms

Our solutions respond to detailed analysis of an object and need precision with algorithmic approaches. They are integrally developed by the XXII TEAM.

Concrete case

Let’s take, for example, the control of a final product, which is flexible, with several materials and different types of verification (color, grain) in a complex environment.

We composed a dataset after data acquisition such as pictures and lidar. The next step is to train our algorithms with an incremental and multi-sensor approach. The installation of an acquisition device and captor on the production chain gives our clients the opportunity to analyse complex scenes and scenarios. Performances obtained by our solution allow a good return on investment.

Our Solution capacity is based on its complexity analysis, its incremental approach by data fusion and defaults detection with a micro precision.

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