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Intelligent store

Make your shop evolve with this turnkey solution

The retail sector is being disrupted by e-commerce. customers are consuming more easily and faster.

Inspired by cashless stores, we developed a brand new concept for our customers which responds to typical shop problems.

Autonomous shops allow customers to choose their items and leave the store without paying manually.


William, CEO at XXII, presents the benefits of this solution, made possible thanks to our partner, IBM.

Client experience

  • The client is authenticated when he/ she enters the shop via his/ her credit card and/or application. His appearance is memorised by the system in order to be able to recognise him/ her.
  • Algorithms follow the customer in the shop.
  • Algorithms identify in real time the products taken (or not) by the customer and updates the shopping basket.
  • The customer finishes his/ her shopping and goes to the exit (a predefined area) : a summary appears on the mobile screen so that he/ she can validate his/ her products. The credit card is debited and the exit door opens. The customer can leave freely.

Optimised learning

We can identify each product thanks to a learning realised before. It is realised via a reconstitute 3D process. This manipulation is essential to build a qualitative and volumetric dataset to make deep learning efficient for the algorithms.

Assets of an autonomous shop

Distribution professionals have to proceed with the evolution of the sector to find new profitable solutions.

Autonomous shop is the perfect solution for:

  • Saving time with an accelerated shopping process
  • Human resources management
  • Open hours of your shop
  • Shrinkage unknown

Rethinking customer experience is a challenge. Products and people detection (not biometric) is a brand new way to propose new shopping experiences without friction.

Lowering these barriers and upgrading client experience are differentiating elements.

In comparison to e-commerce, 3 arguments make the difference:

  • Flexible implementation (city centre, companies, campus, train stations…)
  • Innovating brand image
  • Faster shopping and NPS improvement

Artificial intelligence opens up new perspectives for your colleagues and you can manage your shop in real time to optimise your operation. Your problems are evolving, as are our solutions.

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This project allowed the implementation of a solution detecting


product references, in multiple copies, in the same space

25 cameras allow the analysis of this 18m2 sales area.

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