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Tailor-made services

Our team of experts helps you develop solutions customised to your analyse, training, simulation and maintenance needs to increase your company's performance and ROI.

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    Meetings with your trades. Architecture elaboration.

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    Apps conception. Desktop, mobile or embedded.

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    Support and implementation on devices or cloud.

  • Embedded augmented reality on Microsoft Hololens

    With the help of Microsoft and Trimble, we develop solutions allowing trade experts to perform by enhancing data and information necessary to their daily work.

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    Development of the Racine project. Underground networks visualisation tools for the intervention teams.

    • Safety

      The agent keeps a complete visualisation of its environment

    • Precision

      Outside tracking inferior to 50 cm, in adequacy with the National decree

    • Data

      Real-time availability instead of a printed map analysis and an echometer

    • Performances

      Time saving: an average of 1 hour intervention instead of 4 hours

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  • Virtual Reality

    We create fully immersive solutions for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or even Microsoft Mixed Reality. From trade applications to collaboration, as well as supervision systems and data feedback.

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    VR tool for discovery and training of new formworks (concrete walls construction for construction sites).

    • Learning by doing

      Industrial parts for an interactive VR exploitation

    • Step by Step

      Handlings guided by a virtual trainer

    • CAD File

      Use of the client industrial file to transcript into trade tools

    • Immersive version

      Environment developed like a mobile, PC or tablet serious game

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  • Customer use case


    Risks prevention training tool. Full integration of the VR technology for running chemical processes.

    • Photogrametry

      Detailed and hyper realistic 3D reproduction of the reactors and of the environment

    • Interaction

      Operations on the virtual reactors for a complimentary training session

    • Safety

      Team safety guarantee, projection of hazardous situations without real situations danger

    • Business Application

      Business briefing analysis, solution built for technicians and tried out by the field teams

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  • Augmented reality on Mobile

    We develop mobile AR apps by using tools like ARkit or ARcore, image tracking and SLAM. We develop with Unity 3D or natively, to build concrete solutions for visualisation, quality control and maintenance.

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    (Example Rover NASA)

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