Video Stream

XXIICORE is a software platform for real-time video stream analysis.

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Exploit the potential of your video infrastructure with XXII CORE.

XXII CORE can be easily deployed on your existing video protection infrastructure.

The algorithms alert your operators in real time for rapid and optimal decision-making.

The use cases.


DetectionReal time

Traffic direction

Detect vehicles in the opposite direction.
DetectionReal time

Area forbidden to vehicles

Identify vehicle intrusion in unauthorized areas.
DetectionReal time

Respect of traffic lights

Detection of violation of traffic red lights.
DetectionReal time

Prolonged presence

Look for suspicious presence in your spaces.
DetectionReal time

Parking management

Be alerted in real time of troublesome parking.
DetectionReal time


Identify intrusions on your sites.
DetectionReal time


Limitate nuisance by detecting clusters.
DetectionReal time

Unauthorized garbage deposit

Identify in real time the garbage dump in a defined area.

Analysis & counting.

CountingReal time

Attendance gauge

Measure the attendance of your sites with the entries / exits.
CountingReal time

Car flow management

Count the number and types of vehicles circulating on your roads.
CountingReal time

Pedestrian flows management

Measure the attractiveness of your sites.
CountingReal time

Traffic analysis

Classify the number and types of vehicles in defined areas.


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cameras listed in France by the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties).


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Easily integrate our intelligence.

Compatible with
all your cameras.

Our solution adapts to all camera models and their resolution.

A video stream can be analyzed by several AI skills simultaneously, thus multiplying the detection possibilities without the need for additional cameras.

Simple to configure.

Our interface allows you to configure our AI skills in just a few clicks.

Easily import your fleet of active cameras.

Add new detections by indicating the parameters adapted to your needs: zone selection, traffic direction, time planning, etc.

At the heart of the action.

All the information is transmitted in real-time to the VMS (Video Management System) of your choice.

Milestone Xprotect

Genetec Security Center


Take control of your data.

Measure the performance of your infrastructures to anticipate future urban developments.

Our dashboard gives you access to detailed analyzes of the detections and counts carried out.

Information displayed in real-time with time comparison.

Data export available.

We respect your privacy.

At XXII, we are committed to designing video analytics solutions that respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

This is why our platform XXIICORE does not store any personal data and complies with the recommendations of the CNIL and the GDPR.


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