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XXII is specialised in software development via computer vision in artificial intelligence. We support private and public companies in their transformation and increase their performance with innovative solutions.


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The city of the future with William Eldin, CEO of XXII

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Everyday, our 70 employees develop artificial intelligence solutions capable of analysing, detecting and feeding information back to teams in order to optimise their reactivity and concentrate on high added value missions.

Our use cases

AIAutomotiveQuality control

Defaults detection

Control the conformity and quality of parts on your industrial assembly lines
Chemical site safety
Reduction of risks
Reduction of companionship time

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Intelligent store

Upgrade your store with person and product detection
Increase & fluidity of traffic
NPS increase
Unknown markdown control

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Crossing railway

Detect the presence of an unauthorized person on rails with a real-time alert
Fewer accidents
Decrease in transportation delays
Rapid intervention

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They are writing about us

Startups of deep tech miss concrete applications that they can deploy. This is not the case for XXII

Like companies in Silicon Valley, XXII wants to create its own revolution

With this solution nourished by artificial intelligence, it became possible to anticipate situations and limited human movements and costs

Enedis created an augmented reality application with the help of the start up XXII. Results have shown a 25% time reduction on an intervention


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