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Technological developments during the 20th century have brought tremendous progress. However, they have also contributed to reducing the role of humans.

The twenty-first century must be one of the relevant exploitation of technologies so that it once again enhances human activity.

Artificial intelligence gives us the possibility of increasing the senses, especially vision, to leave the most thankless tasks to machines. Computer-assisted vision improves and increases performance tenfold to allow humans to concentrate on more creative and stimulating missions.

Since 2015,we have been listening, exchanging and analyzingthe stakes and issues related to video analysis.

To develop secure, efficient solutions

that comply with respect for fundamental freedoms.

To develop innovations

intended to relieve the cognitive load on teams and provide them with real decision-making tools.

We believe in the contribution

of computer-aided vision in better space management and more relevant efficiency.

Without calling into question the fundamental roleof human decision.

Created in 2015 by William Eldin and Dam Mulhem, and awarded by the French Tech DeepNum20 program, XXII is a French leader in computer vision software publishing. With more than 50 employees, XXII designs, develops and markets a SaaS platform for deploying and configuring algorithms for video stream analysis: XXIICORE

The XXIICORE solution has already convinced companies in many sectors and local authorities, whose teams measure the benefits of video analysis assisted by our algorithms every day.

With our users, we create new tools and new uses every day, with the aim of always putting the role of humans at the forefront of our developments.

Ethics at XXII

Our ethical principles

The creation of our products in artificial intelligence requires the establishment of a strong ethical framework to delimit the boundaries of our developments. An ethics committee was elected in 2020 from among the members of our teams as well as a panel of external speakers in order to define a set of principles that govern our product developments.

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We respect your privacy

XXII ensures from the design of its products to comply with European and French legislation in the processing of personal data. Our solutions do not store any personal data and are in compliance with the directives and recommendations of the CNIL and the GDPR. XXII teams support their clients in the procedures for the protection of privacy.

Our teamof experts.

A team of more than 50 employees to design and develop products to meet your needs.

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