Video Stream

analysis with AI

for your private sites.

The SMARTINFRA version of XXIICORE allows companies to analyse in real time the video streams of cameras already installed on their sites.

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Exploit the potential of your video infrastructure with

In your infrastructure


in central security desk

XXIICORE is simply deployed on your existing video protection infrastructure. The algorithms alert your operators in real time for rapid and optimal decision-making.

The benefits

for your sites.


Anticipation and regulation of flows


Optimization of interventions


Saving your operators time


Preventing attacks on the security of property and persons


Less interventions


Team responsiveness and coordination


Security of goods and people


Statistical data generation

Discover our

business applications.

Easily integrate

our intelligence.


Optimal compatibility

XXIICORE can be easily deployed on your existing video protection infrastructure


Quick configuration

An intuitive configuration interface for your use cases in 5 clicks.


Real-time alerts

Send alerts directly to your VMS for immediate operator action.


Interactive dashboard

A real-time vizualization of the data generated to guide future investments.

The functioning

of the platform SMARTINFRA


Compatible with

all your cameras.

Our solution adapts to all camera models and their resolution.

A video stream can be analyzed by several AI skills simultaneously, thus multiplying the detection possibilities without the need for additional cameras.

Getting started

Simple to


Our interface allows you to configure our AI skills in just a few clicks.

Easily import your fleet of active cameras.

Add new detections by indicating the parameters adapted to your needs: zone selection, traffic direction, time planning, etc.


At the heart of

the action.

All the information is transmitted in real-time to the VMS (Video Management System) of your choice.

Milestone Xprotect

Genetec Security Center



Take control

of your data.

Measure the performance of your infrastructures to anticipate future urban developments.

Our dashboard gives you access to detailed analyzes of the detections and counts carried out.

Information displayed in real-time with time comparison.

Data export available.

We respect your privacy.

At XXII, We are committed to designing video analytics solutions that respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

This is why our platform XXII CORE does not store any personal data and complies with the recommandations of the CNIL and the GDPR.

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