SaaS Platform.

Deployment and configuration of real-time computer vision algorithms.

A sovereign technology.A unique platform.

XXII CORE is a unique solution created in France and developed around state-of-the-art Open Source software such as Kubernetes with a micro-service architecture.

An industrial video stream analysis platform

Ability to analyze all types of video streams

Compatible with the main existing VMS

Adaptable to different types of servers and manufacturers

A platform for optimizing your system resources

Rationalization of the management of processing flows regardless of the number of cameras used

ETL of low-power algorithmic processing

A Scalable, Flexible and secure platform

Automatic recovery process

Resource management on several Computer nodes

Multi-machine redundancy

Adaptive technology to support a more efficient GPUs

A Sovereign platform

Infrastructure designed and developed in France

25687 h

of design

By our doctors, engineers, developers and designers

The fivecomponents.

Algorithms Combinatorial of algorithms

The core of the system is in charge of performing all processing of real-time video streams.

The combination of algorithms allows us to create skills corresponding to business use, for example wild deposit.

The performance of our algorithms is continuously improved by supervised learning methods based on real and simulated data sets.

It is in particular with the Synthetic Learning Environment that we are able to generate unlimited data.

100% of machine utilization potential optimized
Composer Orchestrator

The composer sequences and prioritizes the different phases of data processing.

This software brick allows an optimization of the management of the other components while limiting the consumption of resources.

Admin & settings Management & config

The XXII CORE platform allows centralized management of access rights and user licenses.

XXII CORE provides you with the administration and configuration tools necessary for an optimal AI algorithm usage of your camera streams.

Scheduler Planning

This software brick analyzes in real time the configuration of the AI.

Datavisualisation Feedback

Equipped with a simple and intuitive interface, the XXII CORE platform has been designed for rapid use by business teams.

Collaboratively designed and using the most demanding standards in terms of ergonomics, our solution offers an optimal user experience.


Perfectly adaptable

The XXIICORE platform optimizes its performance regardless of the hardware you use.

Depending on your needs, we will assist you in choosing the right hardware configuration best suited for a flawless performance of your machines.